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Victoria Anderson

Massenez Poire Williams Pear 750ml

Massenez Poire Williams Pear 750ml

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Kammer鈥檚 extraordinary quality is achieved through a careful double distillation. Their master distillers perform their high art throughout the various steps of production. From the fruit to the brandy, they use exclusively the finest and tastiest substances. A long maturation in glazed earthenware jugs at the constant cool temperature of deep vaulted cellars then gives the brandies their exquisite taste and inimitable fruity bouquet. Kammer fruit brandies are best served slightly chilled and neat in an Armagnac glass or Champagne flute. Kammer Williams Birnen has a pear in the bottles of brandy that grew naturally inside the bottle. While the pear is young, bottles are placed around the pear, and tied to the tree with wire. When the pear is ready to be harvested, it is cut from the tree and the bottle is filled with delicious pear brandy. The high alcohol content preserves the pear indefinitely! Make sure, that pear is always covered with Kammer-Williams.

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